Top 7 Best Astrological Apps

Everyone is probably familiar with Mercury retrograde. But not everyone is familiar with how the phase of the moon affects one’s life or what it means when your sun is in the fifth house. Figuring out astrology is tricky, but it’s real, especially if you use the trendy, easy-to-understand apps for your smartphone. Here are eight of the most useful ones. And even if you are a skeptic who doesn’t believe in horoscopes, you should download them just for fun.


Do you want to know where Mars is today and if it’s destroying your life? If so, Co-Star is the app for you. It will not only tell you where the planet is located and whether it is retrograde at the moment, but it will also explain what area of life it affects. More than five million users worldwide have downloaded the program since it launched in 2017. They appreciate the concise horoscopes and user-friendly interface, as well as the mathematical accuracy. The app is powered by artificial intelligence that combines NASA data and the knowledge of experienced astrologers. Unlike vague horoscopes that can be read on the last page in a magazine, Co-Star takes into account not only your zodiac sign but also the time and place of your birth. That’s how a personalized forecast is born in a couple of clicks. A nice bonus is the user-friendly and native design, which makes using this app as easy as betting via this sportsbook Canada playing the simplest browser games even for those who aren’t into astrology.


Chani was released at the end of December 2020, but it has already become mega-popular. The developers themselves call it a personal guide to the black and white stripes of life. You’ll find meditation practices, in-depth analyses of the natal chart (a personal horoscope built at the time of a person’s birth), a chronology of personalized transits (these are movements of planets in relation to the planets of your horoscope), a calendar of new and full moons, and master classes from the famous Los Angeles-based astrologer Chani Nicholas. All in all, Chani is a tool for self-discovery.

Sanctuary Astrology

Sanctuary is currently just about the only app that allows you to consult with a real astrologer anytime, any day, seven days a week. Besides, these same astrologers compile a daily horoscope for each user and help them deal with whatever the universe is doing.


The Dara-Lite app determines the phase of Earth’s satellite, just like “The Moon,” but it also has additional features. For example, tips on when it is best to get a haircut, how to eat, and what (or maybe who) to avoid. The program makes predictions for today, a week and a month ahead.

The Pattern

If you want to know your strengths and weaknesses and understand yourself and your sweetheart, you need The Pattern. The app can determine exactly what problems you face most often and how to deal with them, as well as at what stage of life you are right now. Channing Tatum also enjoys this app – the actor has already posted several times in his Instagram admiring reviews.


The Horoscopes app is a kind of social network and personal diary. Besides daily astrological advice, you can share your thoughts with other users and comment on their posts.


Created by celebrity expert Susan Miller, AstrologyZone offers users monthly predictions, access to interesting speeches and astrology tutorials. Susan is trusted by 17 million people including Emma Stone, Cameron Diaz, Kirsten Dunst, Jennifer Aniston and many other celebrities who are partial to astrology.